Grants & Awards


ERC Starting Grant

Bilge Atasoy | Sep 5

Bilge Atasoy, associate professor at the Department of Maritime & Transport Technology, has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant to develop adaptive transport systems. She will work on a holistic adaptive modelling framework that considers the interactions between supply and demand to make transport more efficient, sustainable and user-centric.

Veni Grant

Aimée Sakes, Sid Kumar, Cosimo Della Santina and Mathias Peirlinck | Aug 3

Seventeen researchers from TU Delft, including 4 from the 3mE Faculty, namelyAimée Sakes, Sid Kumar, Cosimo Della Santina and Mathias Peirlinck, received a Veni grant. The funds will be used for a variety of research projects, from giving robots the intelligence to handle deformable objects to a catheter that ensures safer minimal invasive heart surgery.

Research along Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC)

Mathias Peirlinck | July 10

A soft implantable robotic heart for people with severe heart failure. To develop this further, the Holland Hybrid Heart consortium has received 10 million euros from NWO. The soft robot heart can be implanted in the chest of patients with severe heart failure and takes over the function of the real heart. From TU Delft, assistant professor Mathias Peirlinck is involved. 

PlantXR receives 15 million euros from NWO

Luca Laurenti and Manuel Mazo Jr. | July 6

PlantXR, a CropXR research programme into 'smart breeding' of extra resilient crops receives 15 million euros from NWO. This marks the start of the new Dutch institute CropXR, which integrates plant biology, computational modelling, and artificial intelligence into 'smart breeding methods'.

Luca Laurenti and Manuel Mazo from 3mE, together with Marcel Reinders, Christoph Lofi and Geert-Jan Houben from EWI, aim to derive the specific genes responsible for enhancing a crop variety resilience from collected experimental data models. Together, Mazo and Laurenti will develop new systems biology tools to analyse biological systems modelled through a combination of both mechanistic and data-driven techniques.

National Growth Fund

June 30

TU Delft, together with partners, is involved in 10 of the 18 proposals honored by the National Growth Fund program. The government announced this on Friday, June 30. Researchers from 3mE are involved in 3 of these projects: Maritime Master Plan 2.0, Material Independence & Circular Batteries and Growing with Green Steel. 

Vidi Grant

Wouter Westerveld, Remco Hartkamp and Carlas Smith | June 29

Eight researchers from TU Delft, including three from the 3mE Faculty, namely Wouter Westerveld, Remco Hartkamp and Carlas Smith, received a Vidi grant for their research proposals.

Open Technology Programma

Robert Babuska | June 29

Advanced robots are remarkable successful in conducting a specific task, yet only when operating in static and predictable environments. Unfortunately, the operability of existing robotics stalls catastrophically when significant or unpredictable events occur, as it breaks their closed world assumption. Babuska and colleagues propose the OpenBots project to turn robots from automated systems operating in a closed-world into autonomous systems that operate in the real, open world. 

They will do so by injecting common sense principles into the perception and planning processes of robots to extend their artificial intelligence abilities, so that robots may solve newly encountered situations autonomously.

Early Academic Career Award in Robotics and Automation

Cosimo Della Santina | June 1

Cosimo Della Santina received an Early Academic Career Award in Robotics and Automation during the annual IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in London for his fundamental contributions to modeling, design, and control of soft and elastic robots.

Young Researcher Award

Othon Moultos | May 25

Othon Moultos received a Young Researcher Award during the annual 16th International Conference on Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design (PPEPPD2023) in Tarragona. This award is given to researchers younger than 40 years old who have initiated high impact contribution to Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design.