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13 november 2018

Komt een ingenieur aan je bed...

09 november 2018

Open Mind: Smart parasite detector for animals

African Animal Trypanosomiasis is a parasitic infection, spread mainly by the bite of infected tsetse flies. It is prevalent in 37 sub-Saharan countries and Ethiopia and has become the major constraint of livestock production. It kills approximately 3 million livestock every year, with an approximate loss of 4.5 billion US Dollars yearly. Since no vaccine has yet been developed, there is need for strategic control options which include case detection, treatment, and vector control. But first, diagnosis is needed. Microscopic examination of blood samples is the standard diagnostic method, but it is time-consuming, expensive and not sensitive enough.

09 november 2018

Ahold Delhaize en TU Delft starten samenwerking in robotica

Ahold Delhaize gaat samen met de TU Delft, RoboValley en YES!Delft nieuwe toepassingen van robotica verkennen in de retail sector.

08 november 2018

3mE in drie NWO-Perspectief Programma’s

06 november 2018

Frank Schrama ontvangt Williams Award

06 november 2018

Johan Padding benoemd tot hoogleraar Complex Fluid Processing

Prof. dr. ir. Johan Padding is met ingang van 23 oktober 2018 benoemd tot hoogleraar Complex Fluid Processing bij de afdeling Process & Energy.

01 november 2018

Trapleuningklimmers nemen 3mE over

30 oktober 2018

Studenten willen 3mE duurzamer maken

25 oktober 2018

Delft viert eeuw stromingsleer

25 oktober 2018

Giulia Giordano benoemd als Delft Technology Fellow