The Department of Materials Science and Engineering undertakes innovative research dedicated to developing, producing, characterising and manipulating materials. Our goal is to enhance fundamental understanding, forming the basis for better performance, a longer life cycle and preserved functionality, while at the same time improving the sustainable use of resources. Critical Materials is an important connecting thread between our research areas.

MSE is currently looking for an assistant/associate professor.



Assistant/Associate Professor in Comprehensive Recycling of Materials

The increased complexity of materials such as coatings, hybrid and composites, as well as sophisticated alloys make the materials recycling very challenging. Materials recyclability is essential for materials sustainability and the promotion of a circular economy. Within the department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) we offer a tenure track position for comprehensive recycling and re-use of materials, in order to strengthen our portfolio of materials recyclability and sustainability. Functional recycling, i.e. the recycling of materials for re-use in the same function, is of considerable interest. Integration of comprehensive recycling into the materials design will contribute greatly to the materials sustainability and circular economy.

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