Department Colloquia

Every last Thursday of the month we will have the P&E departmental colloquium on 'The World of Process & Energy Technology'. This colloquium is part of a colloquium series that replaces the M.Sc. course 'Introduction to SPET'. Participation in the colloquia also adds to the GS points for the Ph.D. students.

To get your signature you have to attend the seminar from the beginning till the end.  

P&E departmental colloquium 2018 (15.45 - 16.45h)

January 25, 2018

Dr. Jurriaan Gillisen
Hydrodynamic Sensing of the Size, Shape and Elasticity of Liposomes

February 22, 2018

Dr. R. Kortlever
Designing novel catalysts for the electrochemical reduction of CO 2: Recent achievements and future prospects

March 29, 2018

Dr. ir. M. Godjevac
Marine System Engineering for Future Ships

April 26, 2018 

Combined with the DPTI Lecture on May 3rd
by Professor Nigel Brandon OBE FRENG
The role of electrochemical technologies in low carbon energy systems

May 31, 2018


June 28, 2018 E.L.V. (Earl) Goetheer
Electrochemical CO2 conversion: hurdles and opportunities

September 27, 2018

Dr. J. (Jun) Yue, University of Groningen
Novel reactor concepts for efficient and sustainable chemical processes

October 25, 2018

Dr. Lorenzo Botto, Associate Professor in Fluid Mechanics, Deputy Chair for Research of D. of Aerospace Eng. & Fluid Mechanics, Queen Mary University of London, E1 4 NS UK
Graphene hydrodynamics: insights into microscale flow processes through theory and simulation

November 29, 2018 P.M. (Paulien) Herder, Faculty 3me, Department Process & Energy
Modeling and Simulation of Complex Energy Systems Integration

December 20, 2018