Department Colloquia

Every last Thursday of the month we will have the P&E departmental colloquium on 'The World of Process & Energy Technology'. This colloquium is part of a colloquium series that replaces the M.Sc. course 'Introduction to SPET'. Participation in the colloquia also adds to the GS points for the Ph.D. students.

To get your signature you have to attend the seminar from the beginning till the end.  

P&E departmental colloquium 2019 (15.45 - 16.45h)

January 31, 2019

Onno Kramer
Liquid-solid fluidisation experiments with perfectly round glass beas as a reference for irregularly shaped particles applied in drinking water treatment processes

February 28, 2019

 Ivo Pothof
TU Delft Thermo-X platform and Low-temperature (district) heating