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Lab housekeeping safety (20170708)

Online safety course

For the experimentalists (as well as their supervisors and students) it is important that everyone takes an online safety course and the accompanying test. Obviously, we also expect you to behave accordingly in the laboratories. As we have no specific course for P&E available yet, we use a temporary substitute. You can find this at:
Choose: Introduction to laboratory safety

!! Hand in your certificate to Michel and Jaap  

Additionally, regular Safety Awareness Meetings will be organized (3-4 per year) for the experimentalists. In these meetings we strive to keep up the newly adopted culture, evaluate how it goes and we can discuss potential further improvements. You will receive an invitation in due time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact Jaap (D.J.vanRaamt(ad) and Michel (M.M.vandenBrink(ad) or Aravind (A.PurushothamanVellayani(ad) or Guido (G.S.J.Sturm(ad)