Always wanted to create a robot from scratch? In this minor you will work in a multidisciplinary team and design and build a functional robotic prototype for a customer. Based on your interest teams will be formed. In the first quarter you will mainly take courses outside of your own discipline. During the second quarter the focus is on designing and building the robotic prototype. Have a look at the videos below for an impression of last year. 


Naam coordinator

For whom?

This minor is open to all TU Delft BSc students Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Design Engineering with a strong interest in developing a robotic prototype.

What will you learn

During this minor you will learn what it is like to work in a multidisciplinary team and build a working robotic prototype for a customer. You will also learn the basics of the other disciplines in your team. Apart from the courses that mainly take place in the first quarter, you will work in a team on a robotic prototype. This comprises the following technical competences:

  • executing a market analysis, designing the user experience (including external appearance), producing a slick robot (IDE students already possess these competences)
  • calculating forces, torques, stiffness, strength, acceleration/deceleration, collisions and stability of the robot, and designing the mechanical parts and the drive train (ME students already possess these competences)
  • calculating currents, circuit dynamics, and heat production, selecting, reading, and interpreting sensor outputs, and developing, building and testing electronic circuits for power supply, safety, and data processing (EE students already possess these competences)
  • designing, implementing, and testing c++/python software modules for human interfacing, interaction, safety, and autonomous behavior of the robot (CS students already possess these competences).

Course overview

The courses that you have to take depend on your background. There is a different track for each of the 4 disciplines. To get acquainted with the specialization of your team members, you will take courses outside of your own discipline. You will not have to take all the courses listed below:

  • WB3701/2: Design in Robotics
  • WB1630-16: Statics
  • WB1641: Ontwerpproject 1
  • EE1C11: Lineair Circuits A
  • WB3168: Robot Mechanics
  • TI3105TU: Introduction to Python Programming
  • TI3115TU: Software Engineering Methods

Impression last year

During the minor you will be part of the Robotics ecosystem in Delft. Your team will have office in RoboHouse to work on the prototype. Please have a look at the videos from 3 of the teams from last year to get an impression.

Register for this minor

After registering for this minor in Osiris, you have to send a motivation letter (before April 18th) to the coordinator of the minor (Martin Klomp). This letter should not exceed 400 words and should show (where relevant with examples):

  • Why you are good at robotics (and which aspects)
  • Why you are an addition to a team (with examples!)
  • If you have a preference for a specific robotic application
  • Your name, student number, bachelor

During the selection we will also take your bachelor into account in order to create balanced interdisciplinary teams. This means that the quality of your motivation letter will be compared with the others from your discipline. So focus on aspects why you are good in your discipline and an added value to a multidisciplinary team.


MSc Martin Klomp