Sailing Yachts

How does a sailing yacht work? In this minor we will discuss the hydro- and aerodynamic forces and their mutual interplay. After theory follows practice: within a team you build and test a self-designed, innovative remote controlled model sailing yacht. Will your team win the sailing competition?


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For whom?

For those who are interested in both theory and practice of sailing and the design of sailing yachts. Especially appropriate for Bachelor students of Maritime Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Applied Sciences and Industrial Design.

Also appropriate for Leiden University Bachelor students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biology, Informatics, Informatics & Biology, Informatics & Economy, Molecular Science & Technology, Physics, Astronomy, and Math.

Note that the minor will be taught in Dutch.

What will you learn

Through lectures students will learn about all aspects of sailing yachts in the first quarter. The subjects contain design, construction, aero & hydrodynamics and research techniques with a practical in both towing tank and wind tunnel.

Besides the aforementioned subjects, attention is paid to special topics like modern materials, interior design, sail design and sail making.

All knowledge and experience from the first quarter has to be used in the second quarter. Within a team you will design, construct and test a remote controlled sailing yacht. This project ends with a sailing contest in one of the towing tanks of MARIN Wageningen.

Course overview

The first and second design project are described in the study guide under MT3474 and MT3476 respectively.

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From all registrations a maximum number of 50 students is selected by the ‘first come first serve- principle’.


Prof. Ir. J.J. Hopman