PhD Council 3mE

Our Mission

According to the Mission Statement, 3ME PhD council intends to support social and professional needs of the PhD community at the Faculty of 3ME by:

  • Organising activities to improve social and professional interplay include presentations by researchers, workshops, company excursions and social events like the monthly PhD lunch meetings.
  • Representing and supporting both academically and socially the 3mE PhD candidates, by providing a platform for regular interactions, feedback and support.

The 3mE PhD Council members represent the 3mE PhD community in the 3mE FGS-PhD Council meetings, inter-PhD council, Promood and other relevant bodies. The 3mE PhD council ideally consists of two representatives for every department within 3ME. The current 3mE PhD council members are presented below.

Possibility extension of temporary contracts for academic staff including PhD candidates

The article concerns application for a possible contract extension with a maximum of 3 months, in the case of an exceptional delay in research or teaching that cannot be absorbed in 2021 due to COVID19 regulations. The 3mE Graduate School finds it important that you are well informed, so please read the enclosed article carefully and contact your promoter or supervisor if you think you might be eligible for an extension based on the in the article mentioned conditions.

 Requests must meet at least the following:

• Only supervisors can make the request for their PhD candidates or postdocs.

• The request will be assessed by the Department Chair and need to be approved by the Dean;

• The request for extension of the employment contract only concerns employees of TU Delft;

• The request for extension is made in connection with a delay in research or teaching that cannot be absorbed in 2021 due to COVID19 regulations. It is therefore mandatory to first examine the possibilities of making up for the delay before the expiry of the employment contract;

• Only requests for extension of employment contracts that expire before or on December 31, 2021 will be considered;

• The guideline for the duration of the extension is a maximum of 3 months, a mutual agreed plan for finalizing the project needs to be formulated;

• In principle, therefore, an employment contract cannot end later than April 1st 2022, after the extension.


The 3mE PhD council is very interested in your feedback. Should you have remarks, questions regarding Doctoral Education, PhD Development Cycle or perhaps about other issues, please contact one of the 3mE PhD council members in your department or send an e-mail to