WILMER Elbow Extension Orthosis

Product Code: WSO

Sometimes it is desired to assist the arm to extend. Various medical indications can be the basis of this desire, muscle spasm being the most frequent one. Prevention or mobilization of elbow flexion contractures for quadriplegic (C5 - C6 level) is also an indication. Based on the experience with the WILMER elbow orthosis, the dynamic WILMER elbow extension orthosis has been developed. The orthosis consists of an upper arm brace and a forearm brace hinged together. Each brace has two fitting areas transmitting forces between the orthosis and the arm. The fittings are self-adjusting for optimal wearing comfort. An adjustable spring extends the orthosis. By relaxing the muscles flexing the elbow, the orthosis will extend the arm. It helps the user to become more aware of the biceps activity, the orthosis can be used as a training device. Repeated checks and adjustments of tension are advised. The user must be permitted to develop tolerance to the orthosis. Suited for adults and children of 4 years and over.


  • spasticity and peripheral neurological disorders
  • prevention of elbow flexion contractures 


  •  dynamic orthosis
  •  adjustable extension force Features:
  •  substantial restoration of elbow extension function
  •  helps preventing elbow flexion contractures
  •  restores a more natural outlook
  •  dynamic orthosis stimulates bloodflow, effects regeneration positively 

Cosmetic appearance

  •  invisible to wear, underneath clothing, at medial side of the arm 

Comfort of wearing

  •  low weight: less than 140 grams
  •  perforated fittings prevent perspiration and skin problems
  •  tilting body adaptive fittings ensure optimal force distribution
  •  easy donning and doffing 

Control ease

  • stimulates control of elbow flexors