WILMER Elbow Orthosis

Product Code: WEO

The dynamic WILMER Elbow Orthosis is developed for patients with a weakened or totally paralyzed arm. The orthosis consists of an upper arm brace and a forearm brace hinged together. Each brace has two fitting areas transmitting forces between the orthosis and the paralyzed arm. The fittings are self-adjustable for optimal wearing comfort. A spring mechanism counteracts gravity and enables flexing of the arm without the use of the sound arm. A small movement of the upper arm is sufficient to start the arm flexion. In a number of cases a glenohumeral arthrodesis is done first, in order to stabilize this joint and to restore some active elevation of the arm. An optional hand support is available in two sizes. The WILMER Elbow Orthosis is suited for adults and children of 4 years and over.


  • brachial plexus lesion
  • poliomyelitis
  • periferal neurological disorders


  • dynamic orthosis with build-in automatic locking mechanism, providing two fixed forearm positions
  • when locked the forearm allows carrying a mass of 3 kg
  • the automatic locking mechanism can be switched on and off
  • switching off the locking mechanism is obliged when driving a car
  • switching-off allows full free motion of the forearm


  • substantial restoration of elbow function
  • restores support function, even of a totally paralyzed arm
  • restores a more natural outlook, facilitates walking
  • dynamic orthosis stimulates bloodflow, effects regeneration positively
  • positions arm within sight, reduces risk of injuries