Professor position on

Assistant Professor - AI for Systems and Control (TUD00364)
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Optimal Control of Thermofluids Networks (TUD00356)

Postdoc position on:

Postdoc(s) Smart Optics for Super Resolution Microscopy (TUD00283)

PhD position on:

PhD Position Control of Evasive Manoeuvres for Automated Driving (TUD00357)
PhD Position(s) Wind Turbine and Wind Farm Control (TUD00346)
PhD Position High-Speed Adaptive Optics Systems in Super-Resolution Microscopy (TUD00282)
PhD Position(s) AI for Intelligent and Reliable Imaging Systems Quantitative Bioimaging (TUD00259)
Phd Position(s) Artificial Intelligence and Probabilistic Tensor Methods (TUD00258)
PhD Position Tensor Decomposition for Efficient Robotic Perception (TUD00077)