As a part of the MSc project, it is obligatory for students to participate in the Colloquia Sessions, (usually) held on Wednesdays and Fridays. Of course, all other people are also welcome to attend the colloquia.

It is expected that you participate in:

  • at least 13 individual (literature or final) colloquia

during the year of your final project.
During your second year you are required to give 2 colloquium (mideterm and final) presentations.

This holds for all students, including the students that have an MSc project outside the university. Note that only the so-called midterm and final colloquia are monitored in this respect.

Time and location

The colloquia will be organized on a weekly basis on Wednesday or Friday in the Mechanical Engineering building as announced on the DCSC homepage.

Presentation time

The time allotment for each presentation is 30 minutes including at least 5 minutes for questions or comments. Please be certain that the length of your presentation does not exceed the allotted time.

What to do if you want to give a presentation?

You can contact me if you would like to give a presentation at a certain date. Please consult your supervisor(s) first so as to be sure that she, he or they will be able to attend your presentation. Moreover, be sure that you have first checked the agenda of events (including the MSc colloquia) on the DCSC homepage to find out if the desired date is still available. If we have agreed on a certain date and time, you are requested to send Heleen Sakkee (DCSC secretary) an e-mail with the title of the presentation, a brief abstract of the presentation, the name(s), initials, titles, affiliations and e-mail address(es) of your supervisor(s), and the type of presentation (e.g. literature colloquium, introductory colloquium). Finally, all speakers should be present 15 minutes before the start of the colloquium regardless of who speaks first. This is to allow for an audio/visual check and an easy transition between speakers.

English or Dutch?

The presentations have to be delivered in English and all speakers are strongly encouraged to use English text on their slides.


As a rule, the presentations will be evaluated after the colloquium in order to provide the speakers with useful feedback. This is done in a small group headed and composed by the supervisor(s) of the speaker(s). Such an evaluation may include the award of marks (depending on the particular MSc program in which the student participates).

Download evaluation forms.

Who is in chair?

The colloquia will be chaired by one of the supervisors of the speakers.

Technical assistance

If you need technical assistance (laptop, beamer, etc.), please contact the DCSC secretariat.

Contact person

For more information contact Heleen Sakkee (DCSC secretary).