Cooperative Control of Remote Wind Farm Distribution Grids


This project focuses on power and voltage control in remote (e.g. offshore) wind farms and related transmission systems to ensure stability and robustness with respect to fluctuations in the wind field, unforeseen events, and to enforce maximum power limits. Motivated by typical challenging scenarios defined by our industrial partner, we will focus on a decentralized or distributed cooperative control setting, where local controllers are designed for each subsystem and may have the ability to communicate with each other.


We intend to implement applicable methodologies in the area of consensus filters, and may investigate topics such as robust control for interconnected systems, distributed model predictive control, distributed extremum seeking, and distributed optimization. The control mechanisms will be elaborated and implemented in a simulation environment (e.g., RTDS) for further analysis.

Project team members

  • dr. Fan Zhang
  • Tamas Keviczky