The hydraulic circuit consists of a pump pipeline system. The pump is driven diesel direct with 160 kW on the axis of the pump. The impeller diameter can vary from 400 mm to 600 mm. The impeller revolutions can vary from 375 rpm to 1500 rpm with speed control. The pipeline has an internal diameter of 150 mm and a total length of about 60 m. In the pipeline a vertical U-loop, with a length of 2*10 m, is mounted for density measurements. Also an inclined U-loop, with a length of 2*12 m, is mounted for resistance measurements in inclined pipelines. The inclination angle can vary from 0 to 90 degrees. The pump is capable of generating a line speed of up to 8 m/s with a head of about 500 kPa. In the system a mixture forming unit is mounted to control the concentration of sand particles in the water. Different grain sizes can be used for the experiments.