A Feasibility Study on Downsizing of Power Take Off System of Wave Energy Converters

J. Tan, H. Polinder, P. Wellens & S. Miedema


Abstract: PTO (Power Take-off) systems in WECs (Wave Energy Converters) are generally overrated with regard to the average extracted power, which is not economically favourable. However, there is no explicit and agreed approach on how to limit the absorbed power without damaging WECs. In this work, a generic point absorber and direct drive PTO are used as research objects. A frequency domain model and a cost model are established. Two possible approaches for downsizing PTO rating are investigated. The first approach is established by switching the control strategy of WECs between reactive control and passive control for making a compromise between extracted power and PTO rating. Alternatively, a novel design is proposed by integrating an adjustable draft system of buoy to release the excessive absorbed power. Based on the results, the performance of these two aproaches are investigated and the techno-economic performance of these two approaches are compared.