The Hexmove, or HexaPod is an electric operated model positioning device for model positioning and oscillation in six degrees of freedom. The Hexamove is used to position and oscillate models under the carriage in the towing tank while advancing with forward speed.

Reach translationsx+/- 200 mm
y+/- 235 mm
z+/- 175 mm
Reach rotationsx-axis+/- 27 deg 
y-axis+/- 25 deg 
z-axis+/- 30 deg
Motion combinations Arbitrary, limited by maximum stroke of the individual electric servos
Dynamic reachDepending on workload (maximum 200 kg)
Drive system6 software controlled electric servos
Motion controlSoftware, using input files
MotionsSinusoidal, pulse, predefined path
Engine power11 kW
InstrumentationAbsolute measurement of cylinder length
Tests performedControl of steady trim and sinkage in ship resistance experiments
Forced oscillation tests in six degrees of freedom of segmented models
Sailing yacht manouvring (tacking motion)
Model position control in hull pressure experiments