Theme 2: Operations & Maintenance

Theme focus

A transport system, concerning either the transport of various types of materials or the conveyance of human beings, is as reliable as the combined reliability of its subsystems and components. The malfunction of one of the subsystems or the components may lead to expensive downtime of the entire system. The issues of sustainable transport, such as energy consumption and  SHE (Safety, Health and Environment), may arise out of the unreliability and inefficiency of the system. Due to the large-scale of transport systems and the complexity of transport processes, the control and intelligence applied in nowadays transport systems are at subsystem levels but rarely at a system level. It is therefore difficult to achieve the reliability control and sustainability management for future transport systems taking the overall operations of the systems into account.

 To achieve this, the control for transport tends to be intelligent, integrated and remote to improve and optimize the performance of large-scale transport systems. The research of this theme aims at establishing the guidelines and providing the solutions for integrated transport control and effective sustainability management. With respect to the technologies and fundamental approaches we expertize, this research theme contains three main fields:

  • Automation and control of transport facilities and transport support systems
  • Integrated reliability and operational control for transport systems
  • Sustainability management and energy saving solutions in transport and production