Belt conveyor laboratory

The belt conveyor laboratory consists of following facilities and experiment objectives for both research and education purposes.

Belt conveyor test rig and monitoring system

This test rig is used for testing and analysing the operation, static and dynamic behaviours of a small scale belt conveyor. Together with the installed sensor system and data acquisition hardware and software, intelligent monitoring of belt conveyors can be achieved.

Conveyor belt troughability test

Based on ISO703 the troughability of conveyor belts (width up to 3 meters) can be tested in our lab.

Pipe conveyor static test

The static characteristics of pipe conveyor belts can be analysed with respect to force distribution, stress on idler rolls, belt deformation, overlap properties, etc., by means of load cells, acoustic sensors and optical detection. The data acquisition and signal processing are fully automated.

Belt vibration analysis

With this test facility, the data automatically collected from acoustic sensors and load cells are used to analyse the vibration and relative behaviours of operating conveyor belt.

Smart idlers

The prototype of smart idlers, the next generation idler rolls, has been developed and tested in our lab. Self-powered active RFID technology and combined sensors are applied to achieve the remote intelligent monitoring of large-scale belt conveyor systems.

Conveyor idler roll monitoring and stress analysis

This test rig has been developed to experiment the pressure distribution on the belt and the idler rolls of a conveyor system. A sensor system and a data acquisition system are assembled to monitor the condition of the bearings of each idler rolls based on the measurements of temperature, vibration, acoustics and thermal photography.


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