Ali Kosari

Ali acquired his BSc degree in industrial metallurgy (2011) from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. Afterward, he decided to carry on his MSc in materials science with major in corrosion and protection of materials in the same university. While finishing his MSc, he received the Premier Researcher Award in 2013 for his publications and contributions in industrial projects. After graduation, he served as a research assistant in corrosion Lab for two years. Before coming to the Netherlands, he was a metallurgical and corrosion consultant in a lead-acid battery company for one year. He is currently a PhD student in TU Delft and he is  supposed to work on a unique and challenging project “in-situ TEM study of Corrosion inhibition of aluminium alloys” under supervision of Prof. A. Mol and Prof. H. Zandbergen.