Prasaanth Ravi Anusuyadevi

Dr. ir. Prasaanth Ravi Anusuyadevi completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering, with specialization in Molecular Engineering at Delft University of technology (TU Delft) and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Anna University, India.

He successfully completed his doctoral research under the ‘Photo4Future’ consortium funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No.641861. His doctoral research was predominantly carried out at ICMCB, CNRS and University of Bordeaux and secondments of research were accomplished at Eindhoven University of Technology (Tu/E) and University of Cordoba, Spain, under the supervision of Dr. Samuel MARRE (Senior researcher at CNRS - Head of the Supercritical Fluids Group - Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux (ICMCB)).

In his PhD, through wet chemical synthetic techniques within the bottom-up approach, nanomaterials belonging to various families of nanophotocatalytic semiconductors (binary, solid solution and nanocomposites with type-II heterojunction) were synthesized continuously under high temperature and high pressure, supercritical medium using continuous flow microreactor. These nanomaterials were effectively implemented in diverse heterogeneous photocatalytic applications within the regime of green chemistry.

Recently, in his first Postdoctoral Scholarship position at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, he had successfully developed and tested heterostructured nanocomposites for water decontamination processes, especially the floating photocatalysts. Apart from these novel works on photocatalytic systems, his remarkable work in 2020 was the fabrication of polarisation sensitive, photoresponsive, chiral nematic structural colored films using cellulose nanocrystals. Finally, he carried out material degradation studies of the structural colored films at various relative humidity conditions. Depending on the durability results, he encapsulated hygroscopic photonic thin film within the water barrier copolymerized thermoplastic polyester films, enhancing the lifetime of colored films.

He is presently working as the Postdoctoral Researcher with Prof. Arjan Mol (Materials Science and Engineering department) on the development of fast screening methodology for lifetime prediction of ground stored materials. This project is carried out in collaboration with Airbus Defence & Space (ADS) and funded by Europeans Space Agency (ESA).

Selected Publications

  1. Anusuyadevi, P. R., Shanker, R., Cui, Y., Riazanova, A. V., Järn, M., Jonsson, M. P., Svagan, A. J., Photoresponsive and Polarization-Sensitive Structural Colors from Cellulose/Liquid Crystal Nanophotonic Structures. Adv. Mater. 2021, 33, 2101519.
  2. Anusuyadevi, P. R.; Riazanova, A. V.; Hedenqvist, M. S.; Svagan, A. J., Floating Photocatalysts for Effluent Refinement Based on Stable Pickering Cellulose Foams and Graphitic Carbon Nitride (g-C3N4). ACS Omega 2020, 5 (35), 22411-22419.
  3. Anusuyadevi, P. R.; Xu, C.; Aymonier, C.; Luque, R.; Marre, S., Nanostructured materials for photocatalysis. Chemical Society Reviews 2019, 48 (14), 3868-3902.

  1. R. Shanker, P. Ravi Anusuyadevi, S. Gamage, T. Hallberg, H. Kariis, D. Banerjee, A.J. Svagan, M.P. Jonsson, Structurally Colored Cellulose Nanocrystal Films as Transreflective Radiative Coolers, ACS Nano. (2022).