Prasad Gonugunta

Prasad Gonugunta did his PhD in the group of Fundamental Aspects of Materials and Energy (FAME) under the supervision of Prof. Ekkes Bruck and Dr. Iulian Dugulan in TU Delft in collaboration with Shell International B.V.. In his PhD, he focused on the deactivation mechanism of cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) catalysts by carboxylates deposition on the surface of the cobalt based catalysts. There, he developed operando spectroscopic reaction setups that operate at relevant industrial conditions.

He also worked as a Research Scientist in Coval Energy B.V. on the development of a lab pilot for the conversion of CO2 into formic acid and the development of cathodes for CO2 conversion with high efficiency and long term stability.

Now, he is working as a postdoc with Dr. Peyman Taheri (Materials Science and Engineering) and Dr. Mahinder Ramdin (Process & Energy) on the development of gas diffusion electrodes for electrochemical CO2 conversion. He will develop high-performance gas diffusion electrodes for electrochemical CO2 conversion to valuable products.

Selected publications

  1. P. Gonugunta, A.I. Dugulan, G.L. Bezemer, E.H. BrĂĽck, Role of surface carboxylates deposition on the deactivation of cobalt on titania Fischer-Tropsch catalysts, Catalysis Today, 2021, 369, 144-149.