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BSc and MSc final projects (BEP&MEP) within the Corrosion Technology and Engineering group

The final projects for BSc and MSc students are an integral part of the front-line research in our group. We welcome students in our group and they provide key contributions to our research - not just by performing experiments but also and in particular by generating original ideas!! To allow for projects that take both your research preferences and the continuously changing research activities in the section into account, information on specific is always given during personal appointments.

Interested? Send an e-mail to Arjan Mol  ( or to Yaiza Gonzalez Garcia (, who are the contact persons for BSc and MSc projects within our group, for any questions or for an appointment.




Investigation of novel Cr(VI) –free anodization pre-treatments for the enhanced corrosion protection of aerospace aluminium
MSc student Sven Nierijnck

Corrosion inhibition of copper, zinc and copper-zinc alloys using azole-based organic compounds
MSc student Olmo Bottazzi

Fundamental study of possible synergistic effects between corrosion inhibitors for galvanized steel products
MSc student Luca Zardet

The corrosion behaviour of mild steel in soft alkaline cooling water in relation to phosphorus-free corrosion inhibitors
MSc student Wyona Boers

Arsenic migration and water uptake in multilayer painting systems
MSc student Ana Sacristan Civera

Effect of intermetallics on the bondline corrosion of clad aluminium alloys
MSc student Meicheng Li





Arjan Mol

Yaiza Gonzalez Garcia

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