Ven, Emiel van de

PhD Candidate

Emiel van de Ven was born in Grubbenvorst in 1991. After secondary school he studied mechanical engineering at the TU Delft, where he graduated in 2014 on the topic "Topology optimization for Transient Thermal Mechanical Systems". With already some topology optimization knowledge on hand, he started his PhD "Topology optimization for additive manufacturing with process constraints" in collaboration with the Dutch Aerospace Centre. 

His current project "Topology optimization for additive manufacturing with process constraints" aims to incorporate additive manufacturing constraints into topology optimization. On the one hand, simple design rules will be incorporated, such as the overhang constraint. An efficient algorithm will be developed that identifies overhang and is able to suppress it. On the other hand, a more complex process simulation will be taken into the loop to account for heat accumulation and residual stresses. This will result in a topology optimization scheme whose results can be printed with minimal pre- and post-processing, saving material and labor costs.

Emiel van de Ven

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