Zhang, Yong

PhD candidate

Yong Zhang is a PhD student (B.Sc., Engineering Mechanics, CUMT, China, 2014 and M.Sc. Engineering Mechanics, HIT, China, 2016) focusing on solid mechanics and optimization in Mechanical Engineering of Delft University of Technology.

From September 2016, Yong started the PhD project on “Design and Optimization of Instability-Induced Metamaterials”. Metamaterials, more related to structural elements rather than constituent materials, have been mainly focused due to novel function and behaviour. As part of metamaterials, new structured materials, often appearing as lattice type structures, could help in adaptively in motion and energy related applications, for instance, positioning and energy dissipation etc.  One part of these kind of metamaterials is the bi-stability/multi-stability, which represents self-stable configuration without energy inputs and low energy consumption. In terms of multi-stability, a large amount of structures are related to instability/buckling property, which is generally avoided in engineering problems. Recently, an increasing interest has emerged into taking the instability as a favourable behaviour for smart structure design.

Therefore, the main goal of this project is to use the instability to design multi-stable structures(metamaterials) and optimize for positioning and energy dissipation. There are a  lot of research projects involved in, for instance, modelling and optimal geometry of multi-stable structures, optimal geometry for actuation and an accurate model for micro-lattice structures. Meanwhile, topology optimization(TO) can also be combined with metamaterials design to find maximal energy dissipation and minimal stroke, where (geometry) nonlinearity must be involved.

Yong Zhang

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