A. (Fred) van Keulen


Prof.dr. Fred van Keulen is the chair of the Structural Optimization and Mechanics (SOM) research section. The SOM research group develops methods to enhance and automate the conventional design process using computational modelling and (topology) optimization techniques. In our research we particular focus on problems which emerge from the Dutch (precision) industry. Consequently, we focus on methods suited for (nonlinear) transient problems involving different fields (thermal, mechanical, fluids) and control. As topology optimization is capable to explore the design freedom offered by additive manufacturing, we target methods which ensure that the designs created on the basis of topology optimization are ready for additive manufacturing, i.e. without costly manual redesign. Recently the SOM group also started to investigate metamaterials and metamaterial-inspired structures.

In our research we focus on methods which can lead to high quality designs within reasonable computing time. For this we integrate in our research state-of-the-art solvers technology and develop model reduction techniques.

Fred van Keulen

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