Mechanical metamaterials for compact motion systems (MECOMOS)

MECOMOS aims to develop the methods for the design and manufacture of mechanical metamaterials, and to advance their application in new generations of precision motion components for high-tech systems. Mechanical metamaterials have an architected small-scale inner structure, which lead to unique, user-defined properties and functionality. Embedding motion functionality in a material structure has the potential to significantly reduce the required volume for motion solutions, which is essential for high-tech systems with high functional density and complexity. The project aims for two main scientific and technological advances: (1) a manufacturing technology platform for 3D multi-scale, multi-material structures, and (2) a design synthesis method, synergistically developed with the manufacturing technology platform, for the design of metamaterials. We propose to manufacture 3D multi-material structures by first fabricating sheets, using combinations of embossing and 2D&3D printing of sacrificial, structural and actuator materials, followed by sheet stacking to create a 3D structure. The design method generates unit cells and arrangements of unit cells to design complex motion functionality, like complex multi-directional kinematics, actuation, transmission, and multi-stability. Pseudo-Body Rigid (PRB) modelling is used for efficient modelling and design procedures. Experimental validation and demonstration is done using a series of technology and application demonstrators based on industrial partnersā€™ cases.

Just herder, Marcel Tichem, Hans Goosen, Hava Bilyalova, Pierre Roberjot

Industrial partners:
Nexperia, Airbus Defence and Space, Demcon Focal, Morphotonics