Scanning probe array

PhD student

Sasan Keyvani
Hamed Sadeghian
Hans Goosen
Fred van Keulen




This project involves designing of new scanning probe instruments for inspection of precision fabrication processes. In this project we aim to design a 2-D array of cantilever probes to overcome the throughput problem in scanning probe techniques to make them eligible for high precision measurement.

Scanning Probe Instruments (SPl) are being used in a very wide range of applications in précised surface characteristic measurements and even manipulation. These technologies have proven their abilities in measurement and also handling of materials with one atom precision, yet the speed of such systems are very low. In order to overcome the speed issues of such systems parallel operation concept has been has been proposed. This project aims to address the problems in parallelization and throughput issues in massively parallel 2-D arrays to overcome the throughput limitations in this technology.


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