Thin-film packaging

-[ Finished 2011 ]-

PhD student

Qian Li
Hans Goosen
Fred van Keulen



Packaging, including assembly and testing, is one of the most critical stumbling blocks in the successful commercialization of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System). The MEMS package for some devices like MEMS resonator not only requires low cost and small size, but also a high level vacuum and long term hermeticity.

In this project a reliable on-wafer thin-film micro-cavity was developed for the encapsulation of MEMS. In addition, long term vacuum degradation and reliability of the MEMS package was investigated and both a resonators based vacuum sensors and a novel-SOI Pirani gauge sensors were developed for monitoring the package. The project is in close cooperation with NXP semiconductors.


A list of the publications can be found here.


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