Wing design

PhD student

Qi Wang
Hans Goosen
Fred van Keulen




My doctoral research is a part of Atalanta project which aims at the development of an autonomous FMAV with a wingspan of 15 cm. Such a system could be used in several applications, such as surveillance, observation and measurement in restrictive or dangerous environments, measurements in a 3D space and many other application fields.

This research is focused on developing more efficient and lighter wings for the FWMAV (Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle) to generate enough lift forces required for hovering flight. There are several wing characteristics that contribute to the performance of wing besides the sizes, such as the planform, richness of the venation, corrugation, thickness and properties of the membrane, fold lines and flexion lines, etc.


A detailed study on the influence of these parameters on the stiffness of the wings and thus on the aerodynamic forces generation will be conducted. Meanwhile, experimental setups will be designed to measure the aerodynamic forces generated in real time and to measure the wings’ overall flexural stiffness. Based on the experimental and theoretical analysis, the shape and topology optimization might be used to optimize the wing’s planform and stiffness by searching for the optimal veination distribution. Finally, a feasible fabrication approach will be explored to produce optimized wings.


No publications available.


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