BFB Gasifier


The Large-Scale Energy storage section has available a Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) gasification experimental setup. The BFB test rig is ~2 m. high with an inner riser diameter of 210 mm. The Thermal input capacity for gasification experiments is about 25 kW, corresponding to ~5 kg/h of biomass. The installation is started using electrical preheating; the temperature within the system can be controlled with an advanced SCADA (PLC based) system. The feeding system allows feeding of biomass (pellets and small chips). Moreover, five sampling ports provide access for measurements of the gas composition at discrete heights in the riser for model validation. Product gases and particles (carbonaceous and ash) are separated with two cyclones. A slipstream consists of a furnace for testing of catalytic reforming units and water-gas shift reactors for upgrading of the gas to hydrogen-rich qualities.


Type: Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustor/Gasificator
Design: ~2m high, electrically pre-heated steel reactor
Dimensions: Riser (inner): 210mm
Pressure: atmospheric
Tmax: 900oC
Fuel: biomass (pelletized), coal (1-2 mm. fraction)
Fuel mass flow rate:
- Biomass: 1.0 - 5 kg/h