High temperature filter unit

At the Process and Energy Department, Hot Gas Filtration is performed as part of the EU Infrastructures BRISK Project. A High Temperature Filter Unit made by Pall-Werk Schumacher is present and place downstream a circulating fluidized bed gasifier that is involved in the same project as well.

People: Wiebren de Jong (contact person)

The filter vessel contains 3 candles made of Silicon carbide (Dia-Schumalith). This is a silicon carbide porous structure coated with a mullite membrane (3Al2O32SiO2). Each candle has an outside diameter of 60 mm, 10 mm thickness and is 1.5 m long. The performance of the filter is tested by observing the pressure drop through the vessel while the dust cake layer builds up on the surface of the candles. The regeneration of the candles is performed by means of a novel method, the Coupled Pressure Pulse (CPP). With this system every candle is directly connected to the blow back gas reservoir tank through a valve and a safety fitler. 

Particles load in gas stream upstream and downstream the filter is evaluated with a cascade impactor (Pilat Mark 3 and Mark5, Pollution Control Systems Corp.), thus providing information on the filtration efficiency.

Temperature sensors as well as a Dp sensor and an absolute pressure sensor are present in the unit that can operate at a temperature up to 900 °C. The dust is collected in a buffer tank at the bottom of the filter passing through a high temperature and a low temperature valve.

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