Creating a syngas infrastructure based on multi-fuel gasifiers in the Port of Rotterdam area.

This MSc. project is part of a cooperation between TU Delft and the Port of Rotterdam authorities to investigate the possibilities of establishing a synthesis gas infrastructure based on gasification of widely differing fuels that are locally available in the harbour area. The syngas production facility is to be located in the Second Maasvlakte area. The topic concentrates on determining  the requirements of the gas quality (CO to H2 ratio, minor contaminant levels tolerated etc.) and expected mass flows based on multi-fuel gasification systems that must be identified based on existing technologies and expected feedstocks. A system study using Aspen Plus software is then to be carried out investigating the impact of different fuel blends and gasification / gas cleaning and upgrading conditions on energy and exergy efficiency of the systems that are considered most interesting.

The scientific approach will be to establish in close communication with Port of Rotterdam the boundary conditions  (input/output characteristics) of the production facility and infrastructure. Then thermodynamic / chemical engineering system models are set up, run and evaluated using Aspen Plus software. The different systems are compared on a basis of both energy and exergy efficiencies obtained.

Energy Technology

Involved People: Wiebren de Jong

Facilities used: