Determining a suitable combined fuel cell CHP system by means of modeling software

MSc. student: Lie Ping Huang


Energy extraction from renewable energy sources is very popular nowadays. However, due to energy storage problems other resources have been taken the attention of the world and can be converted in biofuels that are environment friendly. However the resource availability depends on the location. Also the efficiency of energy conversion of those biofuels has been improved by being fed in fuel cell devices, a fast emerging device for CHP applications. Locations such as Austria, Belgium, North America, China, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, United Kingdom and Netherlands will be considered.

The aim of this project is to find a suitable fuel cell and CHP system for appliances such as greenhouses and industry buildings at their respective locations. Those systems will be designed and modeled depending on the resource availability of the location where the system will be implemented. Suitable system components will have to be selected in order to minimize the exergy destruction at component level. This assignment will focus on the detailed thermodynamic evaluation of different system concepts (with employing different components) in order to identify the most efficient CHP system designs. Techno-ecomomic analysis of those systems with be done in order to sudy its feasibility.

Energy Technology

Involved People:
Álvaro Fernandes

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