Sustainable fuels and fuel cell systems for Aircrafts - System thermodynamics

Conventional propulsion systems for aircrafts have low energy efficiency conversion than other technologies such as fuel cells. In addition, with the oil spikes and the prediction of its end in the next 50 years, it becomes a key role studying the overall efficiency of conversion of bio resources into mechanical work and its feasibility.

The aim of the project is to study the efficiency of energy conversion of bio resources into mechanical work, well-known as “well-to-wheels” analysis, for biofuels and fuel cell propulsion systems for aircrafts and its feasibility.  Several processes used to convert bio resources into biofuels and fuel cells systems are considered in which energy and exergy flows are analyzed.

 Reporting efficiencies of biofuels production, fuel cell systems and for several combinations biofuel / fuel cell system will be done and ranked.

Energy Technology

Involved People:
Álvaro Fernandes
Jos van Buijtenen

Facilities used:

Fuel Cell Laboratory