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Energy Technology

Post Docs 

  1.  Dr L Fan: Internal Reforming in SOFCs
  2.  Dr  H Patel: Electrochemistry of Fuel Oxidation

       Current PhD Students and their areas of research 

  1.  A Fernades: SOFC-GT systems and sustainable fuels for UAVs
  2.  A Thallam Thattai: Thermodynamics approaches towards Flexible SOFC integrated Power Plants
  3.  G Botta: Solid Oxide Electrolysis
  4.  AN Tabish: Pattern electrodes and Electrochemistry of Fuel Oxidation
  5.  M Recalde: SOFC integrated systems for Sanitation and Supercritical Water gasifier-SOFC systems
  6.  A Sadabadi: Dry-reforming  and ammonia oxidation in SOFCs for Biogas-SOFC systems
  7.  L van Biert: Methane reforming in SOFCs and integration with reciprocating engines for Marine Systems
  8.  A Cavalli- Electrochemical Syngas Oxidation and Syngas processing
  9.  V Oldenbroek: Fuel Cell cars for car as  Power Plant concept (supervision mainly by  Prof van Wijk  and the Car as Power Plant team and I am supporting the supervision)


  1.  R Mor: Serious Games based training

       Associating Scientist 

  1.  T Woudstra: System Thermodynamics, Power Plant Engineering

       Team members from the past       Post Docs 

  1.  Dr Z Qu
  2.  Dr S Giralde
  3.  Dr M Liu

       PhD Students already defended (with me acting as Co-Promoter) 

  1.  Z. Qu, Simulation and Analysis of an Anode-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Stack, 2011
  2.  M. Liu, Biomass Powered  Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, 2013
  3.  L. Fan, Methane Steam Reforming Kinetics in Operating Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Modeling and Experimental Studies, 2014
  4.  H. Patel, Multi Fuel Oxidation in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Model anodes and System Studies, 2015

Poster of the Fuel Cell Systems Laboratory - TU Delft (Link)

  1. HC Patel,  AN Tabish ,  PV Aravind    Modelling of elementary kinetics of H2 and CO oxidation on ceria pattern cells,  Electrochimica Acta 182:202–211 · September 2015
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Dr. A. Purushothaman Vellayani