Vilborg Guðjónsdóttir




Engineering Thermodynamics

PhD Thesis:

TKI-ISPT: UH-20-10
TKI-ISPT: UH-30-07


Research interests:
Wet compression
Compression-resorption heat pumps (CRHP)


Upgrading waste streams with CRHP


Recent Research activities:
NH3-CO2-H2O has been investigated as a potential mixture in a CRHP instead of ammonia-water.



An experimental set-up has been constructed to evaluate the performance of a twin screw compressor compressing in the 2 phase regime.






Key publications:

Gudjonsdottir V, Infante Ferreira CA, Rexwinkel G, Kiss AA. (2017). Enhanced performance of compression-resorption heat pumps by using NH3-CO2-H2O as working fluid. Energy, Vol. 124, 2017,Pages 531-542.

Gudjonsdottir, V., Infante Ferreira, C.A., Goethals, A. (2019).  “Wet compression model for entropy production minimization”. Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 149, pp. 439–447.

Gudjonsdottir, V., Shi, L., Infante Ferreira, C.A. (2020) “Experimental investigation of absorption in upward and downward flow of NH3-CO2-H2O in a mini-channel heat exchanger”. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 152, 119483.

Gudjonsdottir, V., Infante Ferreira, C.A. (2020) “Technical and economic analysis of wet compression-resorption heat pumps”. International Journal of Refrigeration.


Other Achievements:
Board member of the 3ME PhD council.

Presentations in:
Purdue 2016
TPTRP2017 Seoul 2017
IEA 2017 Rotterdam
GL 2018 Valencia
ICR 2019 Montreal











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