Diego Pineda Quijano




Engineering Thermodynamics


Research interests:
Magneto-caloric heat pumps


Magneto-caloric heat pump for the built environment


Research background:
A study published by Markets and Markets in July 2017 entitled “Magnetic Refrigeration Market by Product, Application, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2023” expects the magnetic refrigeration market to be valued at USD 163.7 Million by 2023. According to the study, some of the key factors driving the growth of this market are the increasing focus on green technology and high energy efficiency and low maintenance cost.

The IIR has recently estimated that the refrigeration and heat pump sector accounts for 7.8% of the global GHG emissions. This is caused for 37% by direct emissions of refrigerants and for 63% by indirect emissions related to the energy consumption of the systems. Magnetic refrigeration systems do not require the use of refrigerants so that its large scale applications would solve the direct emissions contribution. Further on their energy consumption is similar or lower than for vapour compression cycles so that their large scale application would only have a positive effect on the indirect emissions contribution of the sector. Additionally presently vapour compression heat pumps cannot operate at high temperatures mainly due to lubrication limitations while such limitations do not apply for magnetic heat pumps.

This project focus on the regenerator of a magnetic heat pump solution for applications in the built environment.


Key research challenges / Research Plan:
In order to develop regenerators suitable for these applications, the following work needs to be undertaken:

   i.     Optimization of the combination of magneto-caloric materials suitable for the operating conditions of the heat pump in the Dutch built environment

   ii.     Optimization of the regenerator design for what concerns heat transfer, heat leaks, pressure drop, demagnetizing effects and eddy currents

   iii.     3D printing of optimized design

   iv.     Implementation of the regenerator in the FAME experimental set-up

    v.     Execution of an experimental programme

Set-up at FAME:


Key publication:
Huang, B., Lai, J.W., Zeng, D.C., Zheng, Z.G., Harrison, B., Oort, A., van Dijk, N.H., Brück, E. (2019) Development of an experimental rotary magnetic refrigerator prototype. International Journal of Refrigeration, Vol. 104, pp. 42–50.























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