Long Jiang


Marie Curie Fellow


Engineering Thermodynamics


EU 895767

Research interests: Hybrid resorption-compression heat transformers for energy storage 


INTEREST: INdustrial Thermal Energy Reuse Enabled by Sorption heatpumps



Research background:

Heat transformers may play a crucial role in the industrial heat recovery of low-grade energy resources, which is effective for upgrading the temperature of low-grade heat to a higher useful temperature level. Heat-driven heat pumps use a temperature difference between waste heat (waste heat, district heat, solar thermal) and ambient conditions to create the work to pump up heat. Resorption heat pumps are examples of heat-driven heat pumps. Resorption heat pumps consists of reactors with a low temperature sorbent (LTS) and a high temperature sorbent (HTS), which are repeatedly charged and discharged. During charge phase, HTS reactor is heated with low grade heat, resulting in release of gaseous sorbate from HTS reactor. Once all of the sorbate is adsorbed by LTS, the process is reversed by cooling down HTS reactor to ambient conditions. The lower temperature of the sorbent results in the reduced sorbate pressure. This allows sorption of sorbate by HTS whilst sorbate desorbs from LTS. As the desorption extracts heat, LTS reactor cools down and cooling effect can be supplied if temperature is lower than the required refrigeration temperature. The proposed technology aims at a heat pump that combines the technology of vapour compression heat pumps with the resorption technology. The advantage of combining these two is that a high temperature lift can be generated with a relative small amount of work or electricity. These hybrid systems can also be applied for (chemical) energy storage.


Key research challenges / Research Plan:
In order to develop hybrid resorption-compression heat pumps and heat transformers, the following work needs to be undertaken:

Development of novel materials and its characterization

    i. Modelling of hybrid resorption-compression heat pumps and transformers

    ii. Design, construction and testing of resorption reactors and integrated system

    iii. Execution of an experimental programme

    iv. Techno-economic assessment of the technology


Set-up at 3mE:


Key publication:

Jiang, L., Roskilly, A.P. (2019) Thermal conductivity, permeability and reaction characteristic enhancement of ammonia solid sorbents: A review. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 130, pp. 1206-1225.














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