J. Westerweel


Fluid Mechanics Chair / Ship Hydromechanics Chair (a.i.)


Fluid Mechanics


Demixing in turbulent 3 phase flows
DisTUrbE - Dispersion in the Turbulent Urban Environment
Drag Reduction in WaterSports
Droplet coalescence in dense suspensions
Impact of boiling liquid on fluid-vapour-wall interaction in LNG transfer systems
Investigation of complex flow patterns in a moving immersion lens droplet
MSc project: Oblique impact of two droplets at high Weber number
PhD project: Air leakage control of air cavity vessels for maritime transport through hydrophobic coatings
PhD project: Study of dense turbulent sediment transport by means of fully resolved simulations
PhD project: The influence of the properties of antifouling coatings on the skin friction and turbulent boundary layer along a ship
Prediction and control of flow-induced noise in corrugated pipes with gas-liquid flow at elevated pressure
Ship drag reduction by air lubrication
The hemodynamics of vascular remodelling


Interest areas: 

Turbulence and coherent flow structures, turbulent mixing, disperse multiphase flowsmicrofluidics, biological flows, and fluid mechanics of sports. Optical measurement techniques for quantitative measurements in flows, i.e. particle image velocimetry, planar laser-induced fluorescence, holography.



Academic Genealogy

Editor-in-Chief for Experiments in Fluids

R.J. Adrian & J. Westerweel (2011)

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