Luis Cutz




Large-Scale Energy Storage


Dr. Luis Cutz currently holds a postdoctoral position in the Department of Process & Energy at Delft University of Technology. His areas of interest and expertise include sustainable development, biomass energy systems and energy economics. Luis studied chemical engineering at Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala. He holds MS and PhD (cum laude) degrees in engineering from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid with a focus on biomass energy systems. His former work experience includes Union Fenosa Guatemala, Groningen University and Chalmers University of Technology.

His current research focuses on thermochemical conversion technologies for biomass pre-treatment, power generation and production of transport biofuels. Biomass is a promising renewable energy source and it will play an important role in the green energy transition that we need to fight against climate change. Regarding biomass, a careful design of the conversion process is as important as to understand the biomass properties and phenomena occurring at the microscale. By applying methods and techniques that range from micro to macro level, we are able to understand the appropriate technologies for conversion and design the biorefineries of the future. Making an efficient use of biomass will not only allow us to produce several products from one source but also provide solutions to regions where the use of traditional biomass has severe health and environmental consequences.