Saad Jahangir

  • M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering (Power Plant Technology)
    Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany
  • B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering
    University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan

1. Jahangir, S. (2015, May). "Systematic analysis of inertial wave patterns in spherical shell" Natural Science Series, AV Akademikerverlag, ISBN:978-36398441392. Hoff, M., Harlander, U., Jahangir, S., & Egbers, C. (2015, April). "Experimental study of inertial waves in a spherical shell induced by librations of the inner sphere" EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts (Vol. 17, p. 5650)

Saad Jahangir

  • Delft University of Technology

    Laboratory for Aero and Hydrodynamics

    Leeghwaterstraat 21

    2628 CA Delft

    The Netherlands