Climate Action

Date: Friday 11 January 2019
Time: 10:00 – 14:00
Venue: Aula Conference Centre
Mekelweg 5
2628 CC Delft

On the occasion of the Dies Natalis celebration,
TU Delft organises a symposium on Climate

There is no debate about the need to reduce our
carbon footprint, but the road towards a zeroemission,
resilient world is long and winding.
Meanwhile, we have to find ways to predict
severe weather events in a world of changing
weather patterns. And how do we respond when
disaster does strike? Or should we take extreme
steps and try to engineer our climate?

These are some of the topics on the agenda
of the event that will be moderated by Dr. Stef
Lhermitte, expert in satellite remote sensing.

Confirmed speakers include Stef Lhermitte,
Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Søren Hermansen, Geurt
Jongbloed, Nick van de Giesen, Leo Veldhuis,
Patricia Osseweijer, Wiebren de Jong, Paulien
Herder, Bas Jonkman, Neelke Doorn, Tina Comes,
Behnam Taebi, Dick Epema, David Keyson, and
Andy van den Dobbelsteen

The programme of the symposium will be
completed in the coming days, keep an eye on
this page for regular updates.

You can register until 10 January 2019


Stef Lhermitte Welcome & introduction
Geurt Jongbloed Extreme prediction, learning more from the data we have
Nick van de Giesen Whither with the weather in Africa? Building the knowledge base with TAHMO
Leo Veldhuis Sustainable Aircraft of The Future
Patricia Osseweijer Biotransitions to hit the heat
Wiebren de Jong CO2 emission reduction by recycling carbon; the E-Refinery approach via developing scalable technology
Paulien Herder Fueling a Climate-Proof Future
Mercedes Maroto-Valer Low-carbon systems: Bringing on climate action
Bas Jonkman Adaptation to rising sea level
Neelke Doorn Citizens’ responsibilities for climate resilient cities
Tina Comes Resilience for Climate Action – lessons from crisis and disaster response
Behnam Taebi Geoengineering the climate: on scientific and ethical uncertainties
Dick Epema Will Cryptocurrencies Kill Climate Action?
David Keyson Climate action and vitality at work
Andy van den Dobbelsteen #MyCO2 - Personal climate action related to our own way of living, working, travelling and eating
Soren Hermansen Commonity = Common + community
How to engage and activate a sustainable community
Stef Lhermitte Discussion