Humans and AI designing the future in dialogue

At the Designing Intelligence Lab, our overarching goal is to identify and design the conditions, methods, and tools for human and artificial intelligence to creatively work together. We split this into the following objectives:

  • Multimodal Processes. We are pioneering multimodal, multi-party frameworks for data collection and training of new machine learning algorithms to develop real-time analytic methods for social robotics.
  • Hybrid Intelligence. We are creating virtual agents and robots that can meaningfully interact and collaborate with humans over extended periods of time, in a variety of design tasks.
  • Creative Modalities. Using big data, we are generating models correlating design expertise with agency, allowing us to experiment with artificial agency during complex system design processes.
  • Next-Gen Design Methods. We are exploring the form and use of novel design methods to address systemic design problems to create an AI Toolkit.

The DI_Lab is part of the TU Delft AI Labs programme.

The team


PhD students

Associated faculty



  • CS4270: Conversational Agents (Coordinator/Instructor: Catharine Oertel)
  • CS4165: Social Signal Processing (Co-coordinators: Hayley Hung, Catharine Oertel)
  • ID4010: Design Theory & Methodology (Coordinators/Instructors: Peter Lloyd, Senthil Chandrasegaran)
  • ID5138: Exploring Design Intelligence (Coordinators/Instructors: Peter Lloyd, Senthil Chandrasegaran; new elective starting Q4 of 2022-23)