Master onderwijs in AI, Data & Digitalisatie

De volgende onderwijsprogramma's en modules zijn bedoeld voor aankomende en huidige masterstudenten met interesse in Artificial Intelligentie en technologie, die op zoek zijn naar informatie om zich verder te bekwamen in AI. De voertaal van al deze onderwijsprogramma’s en onderdelen is Engels, dus verdere informatie hierover wordt in het Engels gegeven.

Full AI master Programmes

The Master programme Computer Science programme is built on the strengths and innovative power of our research groups. It will provide students with the flexibility to focus on ‘Data Science and Technology’, ‘Software Technology’ and/or ‘Artificial Intelligence Technology’, while also providing a broad basis that equips students to continue innovation in the future.

  • The Data Science and Technology track of the Computer Science MSc programme will show you how to engineer and develop systems capable of processing and interpreting massive data sets to extract important information. Fundamental and practical issues of data analysis will be addressed, including e.g. the security of data and software, visualization of information, decision making from data, and high performance computing algorithms.
  • The Artificial Intelligence Technology MSc Track will cover the algorithmic foundations of AI systems, addressing not only topics in machine learning and intelligent algorithms but also foundational topics in system and software engineering and data management. This track is designed for students with a keen interest in AI and who want to focus on the development and engineering of systems using AI to solve problems across a variety of application domains.

MSc Robotics is situated at the intersection of mechanical engineering and artificial intelligence. Knowledge of algorithms alone is insufficient: mechanical engineering knowledge is indispensable once movements and forces are involved, and ethics are crucial when estimating the impact on society. Our future society needs robotics engineers who understand how algorithms can be applied. They can ensure that mechanical systems learn and interact in complex environments, and they can also use their knowledge to develop robots for a healthy society. MSc Robotics offers students a multidisciplinary education, allowing them to develop innovative and intelligent products and systems that meet todays and tomorrow’s challenges.

AI Elective Courses

Master students in all subject-related domains (such as maritime engineering, policy analysis, industrial design) are often interested in the application of AI. They have several options for elective courses that fit into most TU Delft master programmes. By taking these courses, students can acquire the skills needed to incorporate such techniques into their thesis project.

  • The selection of AI master courses presented below can be chosen as electives
  • It is a non-exhaustive list of courses offered in Q1 of the TU Delft academic year
  • These courses are generally open for all master programme students, and best suited for master students starting their second year.
  • Students are encouraged to complete 15 EC in AI (related) courses if the elective space allows for this.

Master electives in AI, Data & Digitalisation in Q1 (2021-2022)

Collection of Master electives in AI, Data & Digitalisation in Q4 (2021-2022)