Multi-faculty puzzle workshop

Responsible and inclusive AI: assembling the socio-technical puzzle together!

May 31 & June 1, 13:00 – 17:00, on campus

Artificial intelligence opens new opportunities, but can also inflict serious harms to people’s human rights and safety. In recent years, we have witnessed numerous examples of this in contexts as diverse as hiring, policing, automated driving, and healthcare.

These challenges have exposed the need to approach AI development as a systemic, socio-technical undertaking, where humans, technology, organizational processes, and policies are all interconnected and shape each other. Our individual disciplines do not have the knowledge and capacity to resolve this complex puzzle alone. We need each other to do so, and in doing so form a shared practice and language for working together.

During this 2-day workshop, BSc/MSc students and PhD researchers from different faculties will get a shared introduction to concepts and tools for approaching AI development in a systemic, socio-technical way. The workshop sessions will be a combination of lectures and interactive activities by leading TU Delft researchers actively working at the socio-technical intersection. You can be part of a new educational experiment where we join our disciplines to assemble the socio-technical AI puzzle together!

Registration (limited spots available!):
The workshop is open to any interested students and PhD researchers from TU Delft. Aiming for diverse representation from different faculties, there will be limited spots available per faculty. Also, an effort will be made to achieve a mix of BSc/MSc/PhD representation. You can submit a registration request below, which will be approved or declined later, taking into account the faculty/study level diversity objectives.

For questions, please contact Evgeni Aizenberg at .

Teaching team