Workshop Bioengineering for health

Single Cell Diagnostic Screening Technologies

On Thursday 28 June, 22 TU Delft scientists and external partners joined the first workshop organized by the Bioengineering for health theme of Delft Bioengineering Institute. Chaired by EWI’s Marcel Reinders, the workshop resulted in three pre-proposals receiving 5k covering expenses that will help turn the pre-proposals into full proposals. The three topics are:

  • Online, non-descriptive drug screening using organ-on-chip technology (TU Delft PI: Massimo Mastrangeli, EWI)
  • Single-cell prenatal diagnostics (TU Delft PI: Pouyan Boukany, TNW-ChemE)
  • On site detection and manipulation of particles over a wide dynamic range (TU Delft PI: Murali Ghatkesar, 3mE)

Immunologist Frits Koning (LUMC) delivered a highly inspirational talk on mass cytometry.

Luigi Sasso (3mE, left) carefully monitored the processes of 1:1 networking, group formation and document creation. 

The ‘drug screening using organ-on-chip technology’ group brainstorming. From the left, clockwise: Volkert van Steijn (TNW-ChemE), Anna Vilanova (EWI), Marieke von Lindern (Sanquin), Joana Gonçalves (EWI), Elizabeth Carroll (TNW-ImPhys), Massimo Mastrangeli (EWI).

After lunch, 3mE’s Murali Ghatkesar presented his very interesting work on micro and nano fabricated devices that enable precise quantification of the biological world.

The ‘on site detection and manipulation of particles’ group writing their pre-proposal. From left to right: Hans Dijk (Scienion), Martin Pabst (TNW-BT), Murali Ghatkesar (3mE), René Parchen (BiosparQ)

The ‘single cell prenatal diagnostics’ group sharing ideas. From the left, clockwise: Michel Bengtson (TNW-BN), Thomas Hollt (EWI), Guilhem Tourniaire (Cellenion), Pouyan Boukany (TNW-ChemE), Marcel Reinders (EWI)

The Bioengineering Institute thanks all the participants and the three panel members Hans Tanke (LUMC, chair), Gaby Offermans (3mE) and Steven Lohle (TNW) for their time and efforts.  

Were you unable to join the workshop, but would you like to learn more about one of the projects, please contact one of the group members or Nienke van Bemmel.