Colloquium Corporations and Cities

The colloquium is the central part of Corporations and Cities and took place in Brussels on 26-28 May 2008.

The colloquium aimed at interaction and deepening of understandings on this new theme that had not been explored before. The emphasis was on the exchange of insights between the participants.

Michael P. Buckley, Director, Real Estate Development program, Columbia University; President, Halcyon LTD Real Estate Advisors and Development Consultants
Jo Coenen, Professor, Delft University of Technology; Former Chief National Architect of the Netherlands
Francis Cuiller, Director, Planning Agency, Municipality of Bordeaux
Michael L. Joroff, Senior Lecturer, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Siim Kallas, Vice-president for Adminstrative Affairs, Audit and Anti-Fraud, European Commission, Brussels
Poalo Tombesi, Associate Dean, Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne
John Worthington, co-founder of DEGW strategic design consultancy, Visiting Professor, University of Sheffield and Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

Conference convenor:
Hans de Jonge, Professor, Department of Real Estate & Housing, Delft University of Technology

Monday 26th of May

Morning Welcome
  History and actual practice
Corporate and urban goals
Afternoon Urban development
Parallel sessions
   1. Corporate location choices
   2. Urban planning tools
     3. Recycling redundant real estate into the urban realm(1)
Parallel sessions
   4. Corporate Space
   5. Working in the network city
   6. Recycling redundant real estate into the urban realm(2)
Evening Public lecture
Corporate use of space within the public realm

Tuesday 27th of May

Morning Envisioning urban life in the future
Europe in Brussels
Agglomeration strategies and location choices
Afternoon Parallel sessions
   7. The impact of corporations
   8. Campus models
   9. The image of the city
Combining urban and corporate goals
Evening Cocktail and visit to the archeological site Coudenberg
    & Gala dinner at the Belvue Museum

Wednesday 28th of May

Morning Excursions
   1. Brussels inside out
   2. Brussels corporate architecture
   3. Brussels large scale redevelopments
Afternoon Parallel Seminars
   1. The urban decision room
     2. Managing symbiosis