Buitenplaats Brienenoord

Credits | Design: Superuse Studios | Photo: © Frank Hanswijk
Architect(s):  Superuse Studios  
Year: 2020
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands 
More info:  superuse-studios.com

Buitenplaats Brienenoord is a cultural building designed by Superuse for Foundation Grondvesten on the island of Brienenoord in Rotterdam. The building hosts meetings and activities, enabling ‘rehearsals’ for the possible future of Rotterdam.

With regard to circularity, much can be learned from the reuse strategy Superuse has applied. The old building on the site was demounted, and 90% of its materials were reused in the newly designed structure.

“The only new elements are the fastening material, five wooden trusses, column boots and the glazing, in existing frames, on the south facade. Everything else is made from materials with a previous life.”

To reduce building costs, non-skilled voluntary labourers were involved in the circular building process.

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