Green Tech Incubator

Credits: Design: Studio Marco Vermeulen | Image: © Studio Marco Vermeulen
Architect(s):  Studio Marco Vermeulen  
Year: not realised yet
Location: Boxtel, the Netherlands 
More info:

The Green Tech Incubator will form the central hub of Green Tech Park Brabant. This area of 9 hectares is currently being developed as an innovative business district for the circular economy, with a focus on biobased materials and products.

Companies and knowledge institutes will use the building to develop technologies, concepts and products from locally harvested biobased materials. To promote its function, Studio Marco Vermeulen is designing the building as the ultimate showcase of circular design, based on regenerative design principles.

The entire structure and facade will be prefabricated out of residual poplar wood. Small wood pieces are locally sourced and then transformed into demountable CLT beams and panels. The material choice aligns with the key message of the building - promoting biobased materials.

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