People’s Pavilion

Credits: Design: Overtreders W & bureau Sla | Photo: © Filip Dujardin
Architect(s):  Bureau SLA + Overtreders W  
Year: 2017
Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands 
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The People’s Pavilion was designed by Bureau SLA and Overtreders W as a central meeting space for creatives at the Dutch Design Week (2017) in Eindhoven.

The designers saw the assignment as an opportunity to promote the value of a fully circular building, only applying borrowed materials which, after the event, could be given back to the original owners in the same form they were received (suppliers, manufacturers, local residents). Therefore, it was neither possible to connect materials or building elements by screwing or glueing nor to adjust them by sawing or drilling. Interestingly this radical restriction led to an entirely new design language, based on innovative building methods and stakeholder collaborations.

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